How it Works

If you’re looking for outdoor pictures that capture your dog’s personality and pure joy on their face, then you’ve found the right photographer. My sessions focus on catching your canines running, jumping, fetching, or just doing whatever makes them happy – and we have as much fun out there as they do!

Since my sessions are geared toward catching your dogs in action, the most important thing to know is how reliable they will be off leash. I have a handful of favorite places and some are more secluded than others. As long as your dog will stay close to you, recall when you call them back, then we’re generally OK at any of my favorite spots.

From there, we need to decide what types of pictures you’re interested in. Most people are looking for a mix of action and portrait pictures of their dogs, but some have more specific things in mind, like one of my branch jumping pictures or an extreme close-up that shows their dog’s eyes. A lot of people show up to my sessions ready for anything – they just tell me: “You’re the photographer, whatever you want,” and that’s okay too!

Next, it’s important to know what you plan on doing with the images we create together. Are you only interested in social media pictures, or are you interested in some prints? Single prints are easy enough, but when we’re working toward a goal of a wall grouping, then I need to be sure we’ll have the right composition for the right number of portraits, landscapes, and square pictures to fill our wall pattern.

That’s as complicated as it gets. Usually the challenging part is figuring out your budget and I encourage you to look over my price page and come up with an idea of what your budget will be. For some, a photography session is a once in a lifetime treat, for others it’s an annual tradition; it’s up to you.

Once we’ve booked your session, I send a PDF guide your way with some tips on how to get ready for your session – grooming, what to bring with you, things like that. I don’t work with an assistant, and it’s always best if you can bring a second person along with you to help out, particularly for some of our action photos.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!