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Interested in booking a session?

My sessions are all about capturing the unique personality of your dog and my biggest secret is – wait for it: Making sure you and your dog are relaxed and having fun. I like to think of myself as an invisible observer instead of a director. We set the stage for your dog to do whatever it is they do best, and I put myself in the best spot to capture it. The randomness of the whole process is what I enjoy the most; it also produces what I hope will be the most authentic pictures you’ve ever seen. Beyond that, I’ll let my images speak for themselves, so please have a look through my gallery!

Whether you’re interested in an outdoor session or some fun at my in-home studio catching treats or getting some classy headshots, you and your dog are guaranteed to have a great time and come away with some priceless memories. I also submit my best work to some of the biggest canine publications in the US and abroad, and  your pup may just wind up becoming the next cover dog. See some of my published work on my “about me” page, here.

I deliver high-resolution digital files printable up to 20 inches tall or wide and unlimited personal use with all of my sessions. For larger files or commercial use, my rates are a bit higher, so please feel free to ask for details. Often times I’ll need to compose our images differently for commercial purposes, and that’s important to know as we plan our session together.

Adventure Session

My most popular by far – we pack up for a day in the woods or at the beach! I have a handful of favorite spots around Spokane and Coeur d’Alene where we’ll hike in for some great log jump shots, some time in the water, or just taking in some scenic landscapes. These sessions are a big commitment and typically take about 3-5 hours between travelling, hiking, and photographing. Have a favorite spot in mind, or private property? That’s an option, too.

Some of these are a 20 minute drive from Spokane, others are about 90 minutes. Our hikes range from a few hundred feet to 3+ miles out-and-back, depending on what you’re up for and which shots are most important to you. Whether you want something right next to a parking lot, or deep in the woods, I’ve got several great spots to choose from, and you’ll probably end up hiking somewhere you’ve never been before!

For these sessions, it’s best if your dog is reliable off-leash with solid recall and your dog must not have a history of aggression towards other dogs / animals / people. If needed, we can do these pictures on a long leash and I can edit this out of the images later, but we’ll need to talk about this ahead of time. I do not edit out collars or harnesses, however; only leashes.

  • Tier 1: Sessions begin at $400 and include 10 high-resolution digital images.
  • Tier 2: Includes 25 high-resolution images for $650.
  • $30 per additional high-resolution digital, custom discounts available for multiples above 25.

I don’t charge extra for additional dogs, and usually we can accommodate up to 3 if you bring extra help with you. Depending on travel time and number of dogs, I may ask for a higher deposit, as you should expect to be purchasing more total pictures. Typically people want at least 10 “keepers” of each dog.

Studio Session

I’ve taken my love of catching unique expressions outside and moved it indoors. Our workflow here is completely different, but it’s just as fun and memorable. It takes about 45-90 minutes per dog by the time they’ve gotten used to their surroundings and they’re comfortable in front of the camera and I don’t book back-to-back, so we’re never rushed.

Since I don’t have to travel (or hike for hours) for these sessions, I’m able to offer a lower minimum investment of 5 high-resolution images instead of 10. I still charge about the same per finished image, because there’s just as much skill, equipment (much more, actually), and time in these images as there is with the rest of my work.

  • Tier 1: Sessions begin at $250, which includes 5 high-resolution digital images. One dog only at this tier.
  • Tier 2: Includes 10 high-resolution images for $350. May include a second dog for an additional $50.
  • Tier 3: Includes 20 high-resolution images of up to 2 dogs for $600.

Session fees above include up to 2 colors of backgrounds. Additional background changes cost $40 each.
Additional dogs may be added for an additional commitment to images. Keep in mind, each dog takes about 45-90 minutes.

Park Session

For some dogs, park days are the best days. Lots of people in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene take their dogs to their favorite park everyday. Whether it’s going for a walk, playing in the grass with their favorite humans, or chasing down a ball or a disc, we’ll capture some great memories of your dog doing what they love best at the park.

These sessions can be done on- or off-leash, depending on how you usually handle your dog out in public. If your dog is usually off-leash to play fetch, then I’m comfortable taking pictures of that. I don’t recommend we try anything new, so if your dog is always on-leash at the park, then this is how we should go about our session. Many clients use an upcoming session as motivation to improve their off-leash training. As with all of my sessions, I ask all clients to sign a release of liability assuming all responsibility for themselves and their dogs while we’re working together.

I can edit leashes out of pictures, but do not edit out collars or harnesses. Most of my clients prefer to keep these on anyway, as they feel their dogs look naked and less like the dog they’re use to with them off.

  • Tier 1: Sessions begin at $250, which includes 5 high-resolution digital images. One dog only at this tier.
  • Tier 2: Includes 10 high-resolution images for $400. No additional charge for second dog.
  • Tier 3: Includes 20 high-resolution images of up to 2 dogs for $600.
  • $30 per additional high-resolution digital.

Prints, canvases, and other fun products

I offer prints, canvases, photo blocks, calendars, and anything else our images can be printed on. I order my products from some of the highest rated labs in the country, but also frequently use R&R Custom Color Lab on Monroe in Spokane. R&R is the only local lab I recommend to my clients.

Whether you want a handful of 8 x 10 prints, a collage of canvases, a wall calendar, or anything else, I charge a reasonable rate and I’m completely transparent with my charges and actual product costs.